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Designer For Less

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

“Design is a personal expression rooted in conceptual and innovative ideas.” – Rodarte founders Kate and Laura Mulleavy

From this line comes the design philosophy of Kate and Laura Mulleavy, more formally known as the founders of fashion house Rodarte.  This holiday season, the two sisters have teamed up with an unlikely brand: none other than Starbucks. Though Rodarte’s designs typically involve innovative, conceptual ideas geared toward a female audience, the Mulleavys have come together to create a pixelated checkerboard using white, grey, and silver against a backdrop of green that is marketed towards both genders. Just in time for the holiday season, the collection — which includes a tumbler, tote bag, reusable cup sleeve, and Starbucks card — is now available.

Starbucks is not the only brand milking designer collaborations. Target is infamous for teaming up with fashion brands to deliver discounted designer creations. This go-to superstore has previously released both Rodarte for Target line and Jason Wu for Target lines, as well as the chaotic launch of Missoni for Target. Designer-thirsty shoppers lusting after these products are infamously known to wait in line for hours, ready to snag the items at the top of their list. Target’s most recent launch, Neiman Marcus for Target, features 24 CFDA designers such as Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Alice and Olivia, and Proenza Schouler. These items range from home goods to ready-to-wear.

Will you be picking up anything from the new Starbucks or Target collections?

Product Packaging Never Looked So Clever

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

It would be an understatement to say that creativity within the marketing, advertising and branding community is at an all-time high. With an abundance of products coming into the marketplace each day, it’s no surprise that there is a constant creative race to generate the most appealing, enticing and efficient product packaging. Now more than ever before, companies and their customers are expecting product packaging to be as unique as the product itself. Building your brand’s identity has never looked so fresh, fun and eco-friendly. Here are 10 creatively packaged products:

The Anti-Theft Lunch Bag features sandwich-thief repelling mold spots

Hanger Tea Bags are easily hung from your mug.

Pop-Up Popcorn. Popcorn that is geometrically attractive and edible.

Babee’s  Honey, because the bee’s natural packaging has always been aesthetically pleasing.

help™ uses their packaging to get straight to the point.

Rellana Wool. This fun and mildly creepy packaging is sure to grab the customer’s attention.

Kleenex, because who doesn’t want to blow their nose with a tissue pulled from a juicy piece of fruit?

Breakfast Aid brings efficient and attractive packaging to the breakfast nook.

Fridgeezoo knows that adorable packaging is enticing to both adults and children.