Responsive Web Design

There’s been a lot of buzz around the term “responsive web design” among the designers at JB Chicago. The idea behind the concept is that a design has the capability to respond to a user’s behavior and environment in accordance to screen size, platform and orientation. A website using responsive web design should have the ability to adapt by accommodating multiple devices from laptop, to iPad to mobile.  Finally: new technology that lets a page look great on every device!

Here are a few of our favorite responsive website designs:

Fork, a CMS platform, has executed the use of responsive website design flawlessly. Notice how as the viewport gets smaller, the number of icons is reduced with page size, but the option to view “more extensions” is still available.

The Boston Globe has successfully created a design that transfers a busy newspaper layout seamlessly across varying screen sizes.

Do you want another example? Check out CSS – Trick’s page and try changing the window size. And if you want to see for yourself how responsive your website is, ResponsivePx’s page will test out the dimensions.

Cool stuff, folks.


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