Worthy Design Roundup From Pinterest

We’re Pinterest-obsessed! It’s about time we share some of our favorite design finds from our overflowing “Worthy Design” pin board. If you love these creative finds, feel free to follow our pin boards today!

The Hands-On Wedding Invitation

It’s pretty safe to say that handcrafted invitations involving laser cutting, stamping and sewing are not the norm.  That is why we love the heart and soul that went into this invitation design!

Christine and Ian's Wedding

The Smart and Simplistic Coffee Packaging

This simplistic design on Espresso Republic’s Black Goat Coffee packages is certain to please. We love the way the organization the typography plays to the design. It gets straight to the point.

Black Goat Coffee

The Cleverly Packaged Menu Item

The use of whimsical handwriting and colors might not be the best decision for every brand, but Flour Pot Bakery certainly nailed it. Not only is their packaging tastefully adorable, it also features their menu!

Stylish and Sleek Bow Ties

Simple, sleek packaging is changing the way consumers buy products. When you know you have the perfect product, why not use sleek and simple branding to convey the message?

Typographically Inspired Playing Cards

If your normal playing card deck has left you uninspired with its dull design, Helveticards might be the answer you’ve been looking for. We’re dying for a pack!

Feeling inspired? Tell us which design is your favorite!

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