Dog Gadgets!

Monkey the Welsh Corgi

To honor the four-legged-friend we have in the office today, we figured it would be fitting to feature some of the most fantastic pet gadgets out there!

Hammacher Schlemmer Separation Anxiety Prevention Bed

Hammacher Schlemmer Separation Anxiety Pet Bed

Dogs with close connections to their owners often show symptoms of separation anxiety. This pet bed holds a garment belonging to the owner. The mesh pocket where the garment is kept allows for the proper air circulation to provide the pet with the owner’s calming, familiar scent.

The GoPet Dog TreadWheel

Treadwheel Specs

GoPet TreadWheel

Exercising your dog just got a whole lot easier. This product is basically an oversized hamster wheel. This in-home exercise wheel allows for your pooch to be active in a comfortable setting.



Eyewear for dogs might seem a little crazy, but Doggles® might be a necessity to your dog! They protect your dog’s eye from UV rays, dirt and debris. They also look incredibly cool. Would your dog wear them?

GoDogGo Automatic Fetch Machine

GoDogGo Automatic Fetch Machine

Is your dog obsessed with tennis balls? Here is your answer! This awesome machine plays fetch with your dog for you, providing your dog with hours of healthy exercise and enjoyment!

Pet Chime Doggie Doorbell

Pet Chime Doggie Doorbell

Now your dog can actually tell you when he wants to go outside! The Pet Chime allows for a more clear communication channel between you and your pet. It can even be heard from over 100 ft. away! Would your dog use, or abuse this device?

Dogmatic SnackShotz Treat Launcher


This product turns snack time into playtime! Pulling the trigger launches Discos Flying Dog treats up to 12 feet! Nothing like a little exercise with a meal!

Spotlight™ GPS Pet Locator

This product can be worn on your dog’s collar to track him in case he is ever lost. It allows for the owner to create custom “safety zones” that provide the owner with text message notification or email if your dog leaves the area. It also allows the owner to track the dog’s movements via the web or customer care line. Here’s to never losing your pet again!

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