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The recent renovation of our office space has left us pondering about some of the most creative and inspiring offices around the world. Since the office is where many of us spend the majority of our day, it’s safe to say we all share a general interest in creating a unique and comfortable workspace. After sifting through an overwhelming amount of articles and photos of these invigorating office spaces, we chose a few of our favorites!

White Mountain Office in Stockholm, Sweden

100 feet below the surface of Stockholm, this space was once used as an anti-atomic shelter, and is now home to a Swedish ISP internet provider.

The White Mountain Office in Stockholm.

Google Office in Zurich

It should come as no surprise that Google’s Zurich office is absolutely awesome. With swirl slides, game rooms, massage chairs and private cabins, who needs to go home after work?

Google's Zurich Office.

Google's Zurich Office.

Pallotta Teamworks, Los Angeles, CA

Pallotta Teamworks overcame the challenge of housing their growing creative team in their Los Angeles headquarters by creating this stacked pod-like workspace.

Views of the Pallotta Teamworks office.

Pixar Studios, Emeryville, CA

Once again, it’s no surprise to find that Pixar has awesome office spaces!  These creative geniuses inhabit an office that reminds me of a home with it’s dim lightening, assorted knick-knacks and interesting spacial features.

A view of the Pixar office.

Another view of Pixar Studios.

Selgas Cano Architecture Studio, Madrid, Spain

This beautiful office in the woods is the home to a Spanish architecture firm.


Selgas Cano Studio in the woods.


Inside the interesting office space.

Unilever Switzerland Headquarters

Unique and fun! The Unilever headquarters offer many different creative elements in their office spaces.

Unilever offices feature unique work areas.

The Unilever office space.

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