Makeover Time!

The designers at JB Chicago love looking at other blogs and websites, researching any new design ideas that may spark our interests. One of our favorite modes of inspiration is looking at before and after pictures of renovations. These renovations can involve anything from furniture, to rooms, to frames, and even websites! We love seeing the transformation of these pieces, as they have been brought back to life and given new purpose! We know that it takes a good eye in design and patience to create a truly spectacular makeover. There are many sites out there that dedicate their posts to showcasing these before and after shots and we wanted to take the time to show you some of our favorites!

It wouldn’t be a full blown makeover without distributing some of our own handy work! The JB Chicago site has been redesigned by our team and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. After many long hours (or months…) of design, copy writing, proofreading, redesigning, etc. our new site has finally been published! Check out the before and after picture below!

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