Happy Birthday WordPress!

Whether we want to admit it or not, WordPress has changed the way we view content on the Internet.  The usability of the website has made the blog site a hub for many people to exercise some creativity and get their word out. The site allows a great amount of design and programming within its capabilities.  If you take the time this can be the go-to place to share your products, messages and thoughts. In fact, we use the medium for our own blogs! Sure, we all have our moments when we want to stab our computer screen trying to adjust a picture in the blog, but there are some great examples of how it is used properly.  To celebrate its ninth birthday, which took place on May 27, here are some images of my favorite WordPress websites:

Creative artist hosts a hub of his music ambitions featuring interesting design and up front images of his new album

This website provides a new designer every day with a scroll-through portfolio. Great creatives!

We love her jokes, but we LOVE her website! Great branding and voice.

Fun corporate blog from everyone’s favorite daily deal website

Another interesting database of creative design portfolios

****UPDATE: As a side note, this post took more than 20 minutes to post and size images. So anything we said nice about WordPress we say very, VERY bitterly.

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