Some funky and unique website designs that we love:

Here at JB Chicago, we love learning about the latest creative initiatives taking place across the web. Whether you’re looking for some website design inspiration or just want to “oo” and “awe” at fantastic design, here is a list of some well-designed websites.

Timothee-Roussilhe Portfolio

This portfolio is both classy and fun. It offers an unmatched interactive experience for the viewer.


Want to experience a Mini, inside and out? This website does just that and more. It’s sleek and incredibly enticing.

Pimkie Color Forecast

This fashionable website boasts a youthful, clean and modern look that gets straight to the point. It is incredibly user-friendly and highly organized.


Another portfolio that is sweet on the eyes. The retro-modern appeal clearly mimics the designer’s abilities and inspires interest in viewers.

Bones Brigade Djs

Attractive and straight to the point, this event website allows for users to easily access the information they are seeking while being extremely cool.


Talk about high-quality and unique! Castor cleverly places their links in the image on their homepage. The zoom effect is now only eyebrow-raising, but incredibly entertaining.


Nothing is more pleasing than seeing a website that matches a product. Twenty8Twelve does just that. The interactive user experience of this website matches the fashion collection held within: Flawless.


Visually enticing is an understatement. This website is a whole other realm of amazing. Effortlessly organized and visually pleasing.

Lost Type

This is the most enticing font website I have ever seen. Everything looks good! The dashing appearance allows users to fully experience typefaces.

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