Play With Your Food!

So we all know that our parents always told us “not to play with our food.” Well we’re all grown up now and as designers we decided to dig up our inner child and start playing! People may think that graphic design is all about print and computers, but they are wrong! Design can be found everywhere we turn, even in food. These next images display the many ways that food can be used in the design world. Some images show food in its most natural form, while others show food in a manner we may never have expected to witness. It’s time to keep an open mind and an open appetite. Don’t leave us on an empty stomach… get your fill!

This roll might be stale, but we would never tell it that!

The new wedding tradition: ham and hot dog cakes!

We tend to like our pillows in whole wheat.

This flavor kicks butt!

Just your typical meathead.

This croissant is purrrrfect.
Who needs chocolate and carmel when you have smoothies?

It’s rude to stare!

Fish don’t fly. 

Thanksgiving turkey? or Whole Human? You pick.

Clever sushi to go advertisement!

Three scoops of gerbilness!

Taking sculpting to the next level!

The attack of the fork monster! 

Nothing says clean teeth like the taste of bacon!

Now here’s a game that is both fun and delicious!

Food with attitude! 

We thought the cookie monster only ate cookies? 

A plate that literally wants you to play with your food!

Heinz ketchup in its truest form.

What a good tasting bench.

This hot dog is way too cute to eat!

The All American (Designer) Apple Pie!


Martha is happy to see us!

This flavor is full of sh*t.

Tasty costume!

A very fragile couch!

4 Responses to “Play With Your Food!”

  1. cryan says:

    Great finds!

  2. Ross Horsley says:

    That Cookie Monster cupcake is too damn cute!

  3. Kimberly says:

    haha love this post… dang, Martha WAS glad to see you!

  4. JB Chicago says:

    I love the Crap Flavor!

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