Giving Thanks!

Thanksgiving is just two days away and us designers here at JB Chicago have a lot to be thankful for this year. We wanted to take the time today to share with you all of the wonderful things that have brought joy to our lives this year.

We are thankful for:
  • Our fabulous and devoted followers of “Cut to the Paste”
  • Our amazing coworkers at JB Chicago who put up with us each and every day : )
  • Our families and friends who support us each step of the way
  • Awesome designers who inspire us to do great things
  • Other design blogs that keep us entertained and distracted from the work we should be doing
  • The best company in the world, Apple, who willingly make our wallets thinner each year with every new product they put on the market
  • iTunes, who supply us with killer music all day long (half the reason why we are so damn talented)
  • Our place we call home, Chicago, the greatest city in the world
  • The clients that approve our stellar designs without revisions : )
  • The empty seat on the train/bus for that long commute home
  • Weekends!
  • Delicious food, that makes our mouths water and our bellies full
  • And much much more…
In all seriousness… we are very thankful to be able to do what we love most and on top of that, get paid for it! We hope that each one of you has a wonderful Thanksgiving with family, friends, and great food! Don’t forget to show your support for all those people that help make Thanksgiving possible… our farmers! It’s the farmers who work hard each day to provide us with an abundance of great produce, dairy, meat, vegetables, and other nutritious foods.

Help us show our thanks by sending out a tweet on Wednesday, November 25 at 10am CST with #thankafarmer.

Gobble Gobble!!

“Thank You” Image Credit Adam Poole
Check out some of his other cool work at:

4 Responses to “Giving Thanks!”

  1. Dwyndal says:

    This is a great shout out for our fellow farmers and your friends. Truly inspiring to see people actually thankful and not geared towards a market of "Black Friday" bliss and December holidays. I feel your thanks and and raise you one back!

    Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. KY Sheep and Goat says:

    Thanks folks – appreciate the support!

  3. Adam Poole says:

    Whilst I’m glad that you liked my Thank You Bird enough to use it on your blog, it may have been more professional to at least ask permission, or provide a credit and a link back.

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