Cut it out, cut it all out

I’m down for some semi-dark, semi-sarcastic humor as much as the next person, and when you combine that with good art, I’m pretty much giddy with excitement. Let’s be real: sarcasm, when done right, is pretty funny. And art, when done right, is interesting to look at.

William Staehle must have felt the magical connection between design and wit, because he created “Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre,” a site that displays his work with old-timey photos and paintings, cutouts he creates himself and biting, funny captions. Staehle managed to fit the best of the art and dark humor on the site (where, coincidently, all the pictures in this blog are from).

Staehle doesn’t just write random babble: a lot of the captions are based off famous phrases or sayings from earlier times, or he manages to use puns when he can (Dandelion…Dandy-lion…hopefully you got that). Staehle tries to keep it witty and artistic.

This is one of the best. Not just because it's "punny," but because bears are the greatest animals alive.

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