And sometimes, we need to capture ourselves

I don’t know if it’s evident by now, given the amount of recent blog posts I’ve written on this subject, but I am a sucker for photographers. Designers and typographers make me happy, and illustrations get me inspired, but when I see a really, well-shot photo, I get a million tiny little goose bumps, similar to when you see someone you love or when you eat Portillo’s chocolate cake.

Sara Norris’ photography gives me that exact feeling. A 2005 graduate from the Brooks Institute of Photography, Norris captures all subjects with a whimsical, double-take feel, be it carnivals, families or the city. Her combination of capturing things at their most vulnerable and beautiful, and her simple-yet-familiar touch with Photoshop makes her work easy on the eyes.

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Her own personal blog is good too, especially with her 365 Day Project she started, where she takes a picture of herself everyday that tells a story about her day. Usually I’m not a big fan of girls taking random pictures of themselves (unless, of course, it’s me), but Norris raises it to an art form, delivering thoughtful, and at times breath-taking, photos.

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She’s taken self-portraits to more than just something you do when you’re bored or looking for attention, and moved it to a tool for self-inspection and life-backtracking. Which sounds like something they totally tell you in therapy, which is fitting: good photographer can be good therapy.

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