The states just got better

Wouldn’t it be cool to design a poster describing what each of the 50 states mean to you? New York would be “the state that I would love to live in if it didn’t amount to the cost of a small child.” Florida would be “Mickey-Mouse-and-old-people land.” Maine would simply be “mmm…lobster.” And Illinois? Well… I think I would portray Illinois correctly.

I call it like I see it, people.

That’s kind of the concept of the Fifty and Fifty art print project. Created by design company Society6 (and more specifically, started by designer Dan Cassaro), a different artist was assigned to a different state. They took the motto of the state they were working on, and then created a design around it. (Each of the art prints are on ultra-smooth, 100% cotton rags. Also, each picture below is courtesy of


New Jersey

These designs are made to look classical and aged, and are intriguing as well. It would be interesting to get into the mind of the designer, and see what made them think of their state like that. For example, Illinois is “State Sovereign, National Union” (our state motto)…with hotdog wieners for the I’s.

Why? Are wieners the state food? I think I’ve eaten a total of five hotdogs in Illinois before. Maybe.

Despite the lack of artists’ comments, though, the project is funky, a great, handy way to memorize each state’s saying and another set of designs that I wish were put on T-shirts.

Maryland’s motto, my new mantra.

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