Photoshoppin’ around!

Since our last posting caused a lot of controversy about things being photoshopped we decided to dedicate this next post to all things photoshopped! We decided to “shop around” and find some of the best pieces that used photoshop to its finest! Using photoshop can be very effective in some cases, and in others can go horribly wrong. Designers have mastered the way photoshop can be used in all aspects of their work. Even the everyday person can use photoshop to crop those family photos, brighten up the contrast, change the coloring, or even have fun with those filters that it offers (who wouldn’t want to plastic wrap/lens flare/gaussian blur their dog?). Photoshop opens up new doors to the design world, but one must be careful to not get caught up in the craziness and go overboard. For these next pieces we will let you be the judge on whether the creators stayed on board or “jumped ship.”


2 Responses to “Photoshoppin’ around!”

  1. Jr Deputy Accountant says:

    Wow these are pretty amazing! I know some designers are adamantly opposed to PS but…. hello, look at how cool this is?

  2. jati says:

    wow amazing

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