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It goes without saying that teamwork is important in day-to-day interactions. What would happen if the Boston Red Sox didn’t cooperate? If the White House Cabinet refused to work together? If the servers at Jimmy Johns constantly ignored each other? America would crumble, that’s what. Or at the very least, Boston baseball would be shamed, Obama’s power would disintegrate and we’d lose out on the best sandwiches known to man. Life would be sad.

Sometimes in art, it’s easy to try and work solo for the sake of letting your own talent and ideas shine through your own work. However, photo group Grasshopper sees the value of working as a team. Even though one photographer may be hired for an editorial or advertising shoot, all of the photographers help and pitch in with their ideas and experience. And don’t think the combination of artist makes for less-than-stellar pictures; in fact, I think because they work together, the photography is stunning.

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The neat thing about Grasshopper is that even though they work closely together, they don’t lose their personal creativity. If you look at the photos hard enough, you’d be able to pick out everyone’s strengths. Jeremy Kohm specializes in whimsical landscapes and shots of carefree yet offhanded people. John Fiorucci does inanimate objects, animals and happy old people. Angela Lewis captures beautiful girls; Kourosh Keshiri does well-known beautiful girls, famous middle-aged men and products for men. And Aristea Rizakos shoots inanimate objects in homes, as well as a few scenes outside of houses.

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Teamwork without conformity. It’s a slightly strange concept, but Grasshopper has won over ten artistic awards, including the Applied Arts Photography Annual award for four years, so they must be doing something right.

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