It’s Friday… throw us a bone!

Happy Friday to everyone out there! This next post goes out to all of the pet owners and pet lovers. Us designers at JB Chicago love all animals and we believe that even our pets deserve the best treatment possible when it comes to design. Some of the best advertisements out there pertain to animals and how they make us laugh and smile! It’s our pets who help us out of our designer slump and give us that extra spark we need to get back in the game (OK, maybe not all of us have had that experience, but we think it’s true!). These next advertisements that we have found are all about cats and dogs. Some are quite cleverly executed and may even force a smile out of those out there who claim to not like cats or dogs. ┬áSo here’s to a puurrrfect Friday and a doggone good weekend! Enjoy!

Dog in disguise!

Whiskas- tastes just like the real thing!

For growing cats!

The lives of cats.

Keep them lean and mean… feed them Pedigree…

Or keep them strong and feed them Pedigree!

Whatever happened to Pluto?

Poor dog.

Some people say you look like your dog… we’ll let you be the judge!

Good dog… keep wiping!

Every dog has his day.

Clever mall ad to keep fleas off your dog.

Man’s best friend.

Easy turtle… you’ll never be as cool as the dog.

This just makes us laugh!

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