The only thing better than weddings is a safari-designed one

It’s summer, and I think you know what that means. Apart from light dresses, picnics, Frisbee tournaments and boat races (yes, my summers are very fun), it also means that people are getting married all over the place. Ever since this Kate Middleton business, I feel like I’m seeing a lot of couples tie the knot. Then I get a little bit jealous at England’s ability to make everything so cool and to make everyone follow them. Then I calm down and remember that, as I said before, it’s summer: weddings are like a sport this time of the year (and I need to stop blaming the British for everything).

A lot of people look at weddings from the love aspect, or the dress aspect, or even for the possible chance at a comical mishap. But it’s interesting to look at weddings from a design aspect. There is something really special about a wedding in general, but something  makes it extraordinary when the creativity and colors are amazing. Wedding blog site Love and Lavender recently featured the wedding of Parker and Laura’s, and the designs that the couple picked are especially pleasing on the eyes. They decided to do a safari-themed wedding, complete with a nice combination of a South-African-feel and outdoorsy style elements.

All pictures are courtsey from the wedding blog site Love and Lavender.

What’s cool is that they stayed on the theme well, without being overbearing. Instead of something cheesy, like pictures of animals all across the wall or forcing their bridesmaids to dress up as hippos, they went with simple, yet classy ideas. For example, the tablecloth was made out of burlap, there were flowers in color-coordinated tin cans on the tables and each of the tables were named after safari animals.

Team Lion!

A wedding is only as good as its food, and this wedding got really creative with the whole cake concept. Instead of the traditional big white pastry, the couple decided to give everyone individual apple pie cakes baked in mason jars.

Genius. I’d take pie over cake any day.

And of course, following the safari theme, Laura and Parker had a safari-themed photo booth. With giant giraffes.  Giant giraffes!

When have you ever not wanted to take a picture next to a giant giraffe?

It makes me want to get married, even though I’m only 20. Um…wait. Scratch that. It just makes me want to crash a well-designed wedding.

Because, seriously. Who doesn’t want their wedding to go out with a bang?

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