Nice Package!

The product is all about the packaging! Good packaging design can definitely make or break a sale. Designers must think of clever ways to relate the packaging with the product itself, or simply use the product as a part of the packaging. In order to make the products stand out from other similar products on the shelves, designers must create only the best! Sometimes the cleaner and simpler, the better, but other times you must take extreme measures in order to grab the customer’s attention. Packaging design also takes on new roles with designers. We are now thinking in the three dimensional world versus the flat printed pieces. How will the package look from all sides and angles? And how can we get the viewers to interact with the piece as a whole? These next pieces showcase some of the best package designs we have collected. Feel free to share some of your own! Knock, Knock… your package has arrived!

A Great Thanksgiving Wine!

You will definitely look tough with these band-aids.

Sick of people asking how you broke your arm? Let your sling do the talking.

Clever way to light up tea time!

Even Snow White can’t resist the Mac!

Very clever design/name for a beer glass.

Spill your guts while you sleep!

Fresh new packaging.

Take that, rain!

One for the nailbiters.

Giving a boost to your next meal!

Clever and almost disturbing at the same time.

Clever packaging for syrup.

Vintage at its finest.


I see London, I see France, I see very cool underpants!

Taking shoe boxes to a new level.

Three generations of wine. Gets better with age!

Very cool prank! Reminding people about “take your kids to work day.”

Package design for “Six Feet Under” Series.

Who says you can’t keep clean and be classy at the same time?

Spunky, modern look to smoothies.

And you thought the Dentist would never find out??

Is this cider winking at me?

You can smell good design from here!

Honey, will you…. get me some coffee?

Singing in the shower and keeping clean!

Take your ticket before I eat it!

Starting your day out on a holy note.

These magnets will drive teachers crazy!

Don’t mix these up with the real things!

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  1. Kimberly says:

    nice………. haha i remember reading the story about the person that thought his toast really did have an image of Mary on it.

    I'm just tring to figure out the open heart surgery ad…

  2. I need a guide says:

    cool post!!
    inspiring blog.

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