Design and words in perfect harmony

One of the greatest things about Twitter (besides the fact that it lets you decorate your profile page and aids you in your quest to properly stalk John Mayer) is that is encourages the death of wordiness. With only 140 characters available, you really have to condense down the ideas you want to tweet to your devoted followers.

Imagine, however, that instead of tweeting about your day in 150 characters, you only had six words. I don’t even know how I would go about talking about my jumble of thoughts in six words. What would I say? “I hate when rain attacks me?” “I’m hungry, bring me some eats?” There is something so hard about saying what you mean in so few words.

That’s the concept of designer Anne Ulku and writer Van Horgen’s Six Word Story Every Day (SWSED) project. In 2010, the two of them paired up and, and for a year, told each day’s story in just six words. Now they have 365 days worth of short stories, posted on their blog.

Courtesy of the Six Word Story Every Day blog

The coolest thing about their project, though, is that in 2011, they opened the idea to the public, encouraging everyone to design a six-word story about their day. Masters of concise language and designers of great skill have all sent in their pieces since the beginning of the year, proving that it is possible to say it in less.

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“I smell bread. Sandwich time now”

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