Sweet Ts, Mister

Whoever made T-shirts something more than just articles of clothing that keeps us warm was a genius. I’m a huge sucker for designs, and the funnier/cuter the design, the better. That’s why shirt.woot.com is up there on the T-shirts-sites-that-rock list: they’ve got adorable and witty shirt designs for every kind of person.

The great thing about shirt.woot! is that besides just selling awesome-looking T-shirts, they have a short, funny blog post about each one, describing the concept, why you should wear the shirt (and why, if you’re a certain type of person, you shouldn’t wear it), what the shirt “tells the world” and more. Here’s an example post:


My personal favorite tee is, of course, is “Odd Bear Out.”

Odd Bear Out, courtesy of shirt.woot.com

It was on shirt.woots!’s Top 20 List of the Week, something I am not surprised about. Because who doesn’t love pandas? And bamboo plants?

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