Sex Sells

Made you look! At least this blog won’t get you fired from your job or give you horrible viruses that you’re too embarrassed to bring in to get fixed. We are sure that everyone can pretty much agree that sex sells. This idea also pertains to the design field. We hate to admit it, but a pretty face on an ugly package might get that one customer to buy that shampoo. Designers try to sell the sexiness with how well the piece is laid out, the typographic treatment, the color pallet, the photo retouch and the overall thought that went into the piece. This does not always work and we have experienced many cases where some people may not care if you spent 2 hours choosing the perfect typeface and point size, but instead want to make sure both set of boobs are showing. These next images showcase just how sex can sell and how far people will go to get people to buy their products. Some are quite clever and funny, while others are just plain wrong. We’re not sure that all of these pieces give us that “sexual healing,” but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

WOW is all we can say! 

Even cartoons are feeling the sexual tension.

Nice and sturdy shelves. 


Make sure to keep them occupied even at an early age.
Ad reads: Never let their toys die. Long Lasting Battery with Energizer.

Don’t be stupid is right. 

Something nice to curl up to on your lonely pathetic nights. 

You have a sick mind!

Nothing to explain. 

Boob scarves! Buy a pair and get one free!

Viagra… keeping both the lights and you turned on!

The Hulk is Hung!.. oh wait pass me a beer.

Yeah… You wish.

Keeping Dad in check.  

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  1. cryan says:

    keeping dad in check…brilliant ad!

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