Awesome, indeed

So, we kind of have an art-crush on Jessica Hische, since she’s nothing short of amazing. As a letterer, illustrator and designer, she creates intricate word art for all sorts of literature. One of her most delicate and whimsical projects is the designing of covers of famous Barnes and Noble Classics (think Pride and Prejudice and Withering Heights), an art she achieved by leather-binding the books and foil-stamping two different foil colors into the jacket and foil. When it comes to beautiful designs and lettering for books, cards, signs and other forms of written communication, Hische is Superwoman.

Hische's book design, courtesy of

Plus, she has the best side projects. One of her blogs is called “The Internet Sends Me Cake,” where she has people send in pastries they made, then writes about and photographs the sweets. Hische also has a blog named “Mom, this is how twitter works,” which is a simple, step-by-step, colorful guide to tweets and hashtags. You gotta love a lady who appreciates cake and teaches middle-aged women the finer points of social media.

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