Designers: Making a Difference

In our blog we have shown both good and bad design, while providing our thoughts and opinions where we felt necessary. When we came across this next image we had to step back and ask ourselves, “Do we, as designers, have the power to make a difference?” The answer is, yes! We have control over who sees our work, what its message contains, and how it affects others. Ultimately, we must decide how we want our design to be portrayed. 

The image below shows a billboard advertisement about preventing childhood obesity, while the billboard directly below is an advertisement for McDonald’s, one of the leading causes of obesity in our world. Obviously, the placement of these billboards was not well-thought out, however, the advertisement for childhood obesity makes their case in point even stronger. McDonald’s, along with many other fast-food chains, advertise their companies as cheap and fast. In today’s economy both of those are great selling points, but shouldn’t always be the answer.

We came across a great website ( that is taking a stand against Childhood Obesity. The Houston Independent School District in partnership with Houston Texans, the National Dairy Council, Dairy MAX, and many others convened on February 20th and 21st for the “Healthy Kids, Healthy Schools Summit.” They went over the causes of childhood obesity and how, they as a community, can take action and stop the epidemic. This summit proposed to enhance wellness within the school districts and its students, creating a healthier generation to come. They believe it is time for all to participate and take part in the coming years. 

We think it is great what Houston, Texas is proposing and we only hope to see it branch out to other cities soon! As designers, we believe that we can help out too. Be proud of what you do and stand behind your work. We always find it inspiring to work for a good cause. We realize times our tough now, but someone out there can always use your help.

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