Hell Maybe!

This next image that we found sparked many different feelings. At first we thought we had a “Hell No!” on our hands, but then at a second glance we thought we had a “Hell Yeah!”. We decided to compromise and call this one “Hell Maybe!” 

This invention of the pillow attached to the head gave us a good laugh. Who in their right mind would want to walk around with a pillow attached to their head? Whether you’re in public or in the privacy of your own home there is no way this can be comfortable. That was our initial thought: this invention is ridiculous and if we encountered a person with a pillow bonnet on their head we would most likely point and laugh.

On the other hand… what a brilliant idea! We are hardworking designers who deserve a break every once and a while and what better way to indulge in a good nap than attaching a pillow to your head. The pure convenience of the bonnet pillow alone can prove it’s case in point. One minute you’re designing away at your desk and the next you’re dreaming about the warm beaches of Mexico. As our boss said, “They’re not messin’ around! Bring back the siesta!” 

So our question to you is this, “Should we kick this idea to the curb or do you have pillow on your mind?”

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  1. Hi from Spain! Am i allowed to quote a post within your blog using the link to you? I’ve tried emailing you about this issue but it seems i cant reach you, please reply when have a time, thanks.

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