Social Networking: Where Do Designers Fit In?

Our company has been on top of things when it comes to social networking. The marketing team here is the backbone of our social networking. They are promoting JB’s name all over the place: facebook, myspace, twitter, linkedin, and believe it or not, blogspot! Just recently, us designers were called together to meet about this new kind of networking and see how it can fit into our field. At first, we thought design would have no place in the social networking world, but little did we know! All three of us are now more “social” than ever!

One of the main goals of any company is promotion. How can we promote our company and more importantly how can we do it efficiently? Yes, we have a website and a great list of clients, but how can we get others to learn about our company and to learn about it fast? This is where social networking ties in. As designers, we are able to promote not only ourselves, but also our designs and our company. Through our accounts at facebook, twitter, flickr, blogger, etc. we are able to broadcast our ideas, design work, and simple thoughts to a mass amount of people and in a short amount of time. Each time someone that we are “linked” with reads one of our postings or clicks on a link we provided, helps our company name grow. 

We have only just begun on our journey through social networking, but already we are seeing great results. It is an exciting process and it will be very interesting to see how it will affect our company.

We must go now and be “social!”

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