Hell No!

Since we have been on the topic of logo design, we decided to venture into the Olympic Logo Design field. We have to admit that we are biased, being from Chicago and all, but I think everyone will agree with us that the London Olympic Design is a complete disaster! 

For such an important worldwide event as the Olympics, one would think that the logo design would be carefully scrutinized before being launched. Some call the design “too simplistic, too acidic, and ultimately too harsh in styling”.  We do admit that the design is very bold and eye-catching, but not in the way that a designer usually intends for their work. It will be hard to knock this image out of our brains. The logo gives off a very childish feeling, which can be seen as too immature for such a memorable event. In our opinion, the puzzle-piece style has been overdone and outdated. 

Will this be a logo that the world can finally accept and take in or will the logo of the 2012 Olympics go down in history as the “gold medal” of Hell No?

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  1. Thanks for the post! I love it!

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