When Logo Redesign Goes Wrong

Creating a logo for a brand or company can be a very tough job. For a logo to be successful, it must not only be aesthetically pleasing and designed well, but also have longevity. We have seen many companies change or update their logos over the years and some have made good decisions and others have not done so well in the process. The most difficult task for a well-known company/brand to partake in is a redesign. When you have already established a “name” and style for yourself it can be very hard to change that and keep everyone happy. For example, we have noticed that many large corporations are experiencing these makeovers in order to keep up with the latest trends and styles. For some, this is a great change, a step in the right direction, but for others it can be a large step back.

The Animal Planet is a very popular channel, broadcasting  in over 70 countries worldwide, and has made itself very well-known among millions of viewers.  Their first logo was launched in June of 1996 and portrayed a picture of an elephant and a spinning globe, using mostly green and blue colors to establish an earthy and friendly feel. In February of 2008, Animal Planet decided to redefine itself and launched a new logo, sending many viewers into an uproar. What Animal Planet thought would symbolize an edgier and more energetic look, did just the opposite. The 
new logo has been scrutinized by not only designers, but also everyday fans. Many people’s first reaction was, “What were they thinking?” 

The typographical treatment seems a bit off and one may question why they chose to “squish” some letters and stretch out others. Another question would be why they chose to emphasize the M and turn it on it’s side? All in all, the new logo is frustrating and almost hides the message that Animal Planet wants to send out. 

These are just some of the questions that first came to mind when comparing the new look with the old design. We definitely think a redesign could have taken place, but with little more attention to detail and good design.  What are your thoughts?

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