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A Tasty Alternative to Business Card Design

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

One of my duties as the intern for JB Chicago is to file away all of the business cards we receive into our contacts. While completing this task it got me thinking more and more about business cards and how they can depict your business. These wallet-sized cards are a very important aspect to any type of brand or business. They give all your contact information and are a great tool to use to maintain contact with potential clients you meet while networking. Having a business card on hand with you could make the difference between landing and losing a deal that could come out of nowhere. An aspect that is extremely crucial to any business card is the design. The format of your card and the images that are on it should convey your brand’s identity and show potential clients the type of business that they may be getting involved with. These following cards however, take that to the next level. They boast a very unusual characteristic…the fact that they’re edible. So if you think you’ve run out of options in terms of your business card design, maybe you want to go with something a little tastier. Just make sure they get your information before they eat the card….

For more examples and information on edible business card take a look at this website:

If we’re being honest….

Friday, August 26th, 2011

The logos of a brand or product are supposed to define its personality with one quick glance. They are designed to strike something with the consumer internally that will describe what type of product they are dealing with. For the most part, the logos for major brands are recognizable and go without saying, but what do they really mean?  These revamped logos of major brands take a swing at what people really see when they look at these particular logos:

Alright...kinda sad

These logos and more were found on this website:

Subliminal Christmas hint to my mom

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Why Polaroid pictures are amazing

By: Tolu Taiwo

Polaroid pictures were invited in 1948, long before digital cameras were invented, long before computers were popular and I’m pretty sure long before dinosaurs were stomping around the Earth. They come from an instant camera that lets you click, point, shoot, and print (after about a minute or so. And that’s sans glitches). They don’t give you instant gratification like a digital, or like a camera phone that instantly upload your photos to Facebook (God bless you, Android). However, they are very artsy, and when done right, can turn a shot into a really pretty picture.

In the…2010s, photographer Parker Fitzgerald (hopefully in relation to F. Scott Fitzgerald; see “Why ‘The Great Gatsby’ is awesome” essay) took breathtaking Polaroid pictures of different people and things, including, but not limited to: Amanda Seyfried, a girl in a veil and an army guy. By themselves, these things might be lackluster, or at best, slightly interesting. In Polaroid, however, they are great.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Polaroid’s are amazing.

Footnote: If you want to Polaroid yourself, check out the Poladroid Project. 

Cut it out, cut it all out

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

I’m down for some semi-dark, semi-sarcastic humor as much as the next person, and when you combine that with good art, I’m pretty much giddy with excitement. Let’s be real: sarcasm, when done right, is pretty funny. And art, when done right, is interesting to look at.

William Staehle must have felt the magical connection between design and wit, because he created “Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre,” a site that displays his work with old-timey photos and paintings, cutouts he creates himself and biting, funny captions. Staehle managed to fit the best of the art and dark humor on the site (where, coincidently, all the pictures in this blog are from).

Staehle doesn’t just write random babble: a lot of the captions are based off famous phrases or sayings from earlier times, or he manages to use puns when he can (Dandelion…Dandy-lion…hopefully you got that). Staehle tries to keep it witty and artistic.

This is one of the best. Not just because it's "punny," but because bears are the greatest animals alive.