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Kindle and Other E-Readers: Good For Environment? Bad for Design?

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

The mass popularity of ereaders is upon us as many people choose to read on these electronic devices over printed books.  As designers, it is important for us to always stay up on the leading edge of design and see how it affects our industry. Statistics show that there were 3 million ereaders sold in 2009 and the number will only rise in the upcoming years. Our question to you is whether you think this new technology will play a negative role in print design?

Below is a list some of  the cons and pros of ereaders, please feel free to leave your own thoughts in the comments section.

• Reduction of paper use
• Cheaper (newspapers will cost nothing to deliver)
• Less CO2 release with less printing
• Space saving (can hold up to 1500 books on some)
• Lighter
• Time Saver (don’t have to go to the store anymore)

• Electronic waste
• If you drop a book, you pick it up. If you drop an ereader, it can break.
• Book stores could go out of business
• Ability to flip through the pages and physically hold a book
• An ereader has to be recharged

Overall, we believe that although these ereaders are being used by more and more people, there is still a need for print production. Until the day when more ereaders are sold than printed publications, us designers can relax and keep producing brilliance!