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Top 30 Reasons You Know You’re A Graphic Designer

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

We here at JB Chicago enjoy laughing over the crazy similarities that all of us designers share. We hope that as a designer, you have at one time or another, been involved in or agree with one of the following items from the list below. Some of these have been “borrowed” from other lists and others have been added from our own experiences. Please enjoy!

You Know You’re a Graphic Designer When:

1. You will ONLY work on a Mac

2. You show 3 designs and you know your least favorite will be chosen or a combo of the worst

3. You can tell the difference between Helvetica and Arial immediately

4.  You watch the Superbowl only for the commercials of course!

5. You color coordinate everything (food in refrigerator, cds, dvds, etc.)

6. Command + Z goes through your mind when you make a mistake in real life situations (note to self: you can’t undo breaking a light bulb)

7. You would rather eat moldy bread than use Papyrus

8. You are never satisfied with any project… something can always be changed to make it look better

9. You tell your boss to look at and you still have a job the next day (oops!)

10. Every time you are wrapping up leftovers you are haunted by the filter plastic wrap

11. You’ve learned your lesson and stopped using the word “final” in any file you have saved (JBWebsite_FINAL, JBWebsite_FINALV2, JBWebsite_FINALFINAL)

12. You’d rather organize your desktop than your sock drawer (very exciting!)

13. You bookmark resources more than you have fun nights out on the town

14. Every restaurant you go to you secretly critique the menu design

15. Someone hands you an invite or business card and you are more excited to see the design than the content

16. You say “why didn’t I think of that” when you see something that is an awesome design

17. You don’t care what the words say you just are concerned with how many words there are

18. You still enjoy buying toys and have one sitting on your desk now

19. You know powerpoint is and never will be cool! (ooh the curse of PPT!)

20. You use your pantone book instead of a paint chip for remodeling your bedroom

21. Most of the work in your portfolio is not the work that the client actually approved, but the design you liked best

22. You drink your coffee out of a pantone mug (courtesy of Jimbo)

23. Lock up doesn’t mean going to prison

24. NSFW (not safe for work) doesn’t apply at your work place

25. You can wear jeans everyday (hell… on some days… sweatpants can even fly!)

26. Your friends and family members on a regular basis want your services for free or extremely cheap

27. You request a vector logo and you get a pixelated 72dpi jpeg from the web (placed in a Word document of course!)

28. You share battle wound stories from Exact-o knives

29. You have been working for days on a project and it still looks like shit

30. You buy a bottle of wine purely on the design of the label only

Please share some of your own with us as well!