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iPad: Hype or Hope

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Unless you inhabit a cave somewhere far away from the latest media blitz, you probably heard Apple has a new product out this week – the tablet computer known as iPad. Sure you have a smart phone and laptop, but Apple is betting you need this new device for full enjoyment of video games, books, newspapers, magazines, and web browsing all while you’re on-the-go. Basically, Apple is trying to create a market for a new device that people may not know they need.

Apple has a glorious track record of creating consumer desire and they are betting on the iPad’s sleek design to become another technology must have. They do have some large hurdles to overcome; one involves the cost, starting at $500, people are questioning the need for yet another expensive electronic in their lives. Other hurdles involve the iPad’s inability to take pictures, make phone calls or type like a laptop.

Apple has claimed to have sold over 700,000 iPads in the first weekend alone. But what happens when this initial frenzy subsides? Will the more pragmatic shoppers get in line for this oversized iPhone? I think Steve Jobs might need a crystal ball – is there an app for that?