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The Hell Yeahs and Hell Nos of Typography

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Typography, an often overlooked element of graphic design, is the subject of our latest post. By using just simple letter forms, one can add interest and clarity to any layout. Unfortunately, we see typography so often that we don’t realize it really is a skill and an art. First, lets look at an example of type being misused.

In this example, a poster advertising the services of a printer, the words are arranged without any concern for the reader. Without establishing a hierarchy, adjusting the leading or horizontal scaling, the words become unreadable. The message is lost and inspires a “hell no” from us.

Now, let’s look at an example where type strengthens the layout’s message. In this advertisement, for Sun-Rype Fruit Juice, type is cleverly formed by the fruit itself. The letters tell a story and become an art element itself. A font made of delicious bananas and strawberries – that’s ripe for a “hell yeah”.