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Tattoos: The future of marketing?

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

As a recent college graduate, my friends and I have joked casually about the many ways that we could acquire money to quickly pay off our student loan debts. One of our jested ideas involved receiving tattoos (real or temporary) from companies that wanted us to be their walking billboards. Little did I know that this marketing/advertising/public relations endeavor had already been in use and was rather successful! Not everyone is a fan of tattoos, but it seems that they are becoming more socially and professionally acceptable each year. Could this be the future of marketing, advertising and public relations? Here are some interesting examples of the many ways that tattoos are being used for promotional efforts:

Chanel Temporary Tattoos

In 2010, Chanel released their own lavished temporary tattoos to the public. They were sold in packs of 55 for £49, which is about $78. Chanel brought temporary tattoos back to the catwalk this year for Chanel 2012/2013 Cruise Collection at Chateau de Versailles. There has been no word on whether these tattoos will be available for purchase.

Thierry Mugler’s Latest Tattooed Fashion Muse: Rick Genest

Many know Rick Genest as Zombie Boy for the corpse tattoo that covers  most of his body. The Canadian artist turned fashion model gained world-wide media attention through his Facebook page which gained over a million followers. He is the latest muse of MUGLER and can be seen in their 2011 Autumn/Winter men’s collection, Vogue Hommes Japan, GQ Style (UK) and in Lady Gaga’s video for “Born This Way”.

Air New Zealand

In 2009, 30 people were chosen to shave their heads and receive henna tattoos stating, “Need a change? Head down to New Zealand.” The people chosen in their efforts to create cranial billboards were awarded a round-trip ticket to New Zealand ($1,200) or $777 (an allusion to the Boeing 777 airplane). Picked for their ability to be fantastic brand ambassadors, the individuals were either expatriates or had previously been to New Zealand and were interested in returning.


Volvo utilized tattoos by creating a fictional character whose tattoos spelled out the coordinates of an undersea location of $50,000 in gold coins and the keys to a new car. This tattoo promotion was a unique attempt to help get people to think differently about the brand.

The Human Billboard

Boxer Billy Gibby, aka “The Human Billboard”, is going for a Guinness World Record for the most corporate logos tattooed on a human body. In 2010, Billy had 26 sponsored tattoos on various locations of his body. On his blog he lists the advertising prices for size and location of the tattoo. The highest price is set at $20,000 for a 6” by 1” tattoo on his forehead.

Interested in offering your body to advertisers? Learn more about the advertisement tattoo phenomenon at This website connects advertisers with people who want to be paid for sporting tattoo advertisements.

Product Packaging Never Looked So Clever

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

It would be an understatement to say that creativity within the marketing, advertising and branding community is at an all-time high. With an abundance of products coming into the marketplace each day, it’s no surprise that there is a constant creative race to generate the most appealing, enticing and efficient product packaging. Now more than ever before, companies and their customers are expecting product packaging to be as unique as the product itself. Building your brand’s identity has never looked so fresh, fun and eco-friendly. Here are 10 creatively packaged products:

The Anti-Theft Lunch Bag features sandwich-thief repelling mold spots

Hanger Tea Bags are easily hung from your mug.

Pop-Up Popcorn. Popcorn that is geometrically attractive and edible.

Babee’s  Honey, because the bee’s natural packaging has always been aesthetically pleasing.

help™ uses their packaging to get straight to the point.

Rellana Wool. This fun and mildly creepy packaging is sure to grab the customer’s attention.

Kleenex, because who doesn’t want to blow their nose with a tissue pulled from a juicy piece of fruit?

Breakfast Aid brings efficient and attractive packaging to the breakfast nook.

Fridgeezoo knows that adorable packaging is enticing to both adults and children.

Hey Girl, Have you seen that new Google+ Feature?

Friday, January 27th, 2012

In what seems like an attempt to increase their social relevance, Google+ has introduced a new feature that allows users to create their very own memes with the images that they share.  For those who are not familiar with the term, a “meme” is a shared idea or concept or idea that is represented throughout a cultural network. Internet memes gained notoriety on sharing sites such as Tumblr and Pinterest using pop culture themes to drive their creation. If you frequent any of these sharing/blogging websites, it’s hard not to stumble across these creatures – Ryan Gosling: “Hey Girl” anyone? Marketers and PR professionals have also started to use these images for their campaigns as they maintain a high likelihood of going viral.

Well it looks as if Google is trying to make a name for themselves in the meme field. Every time a user uploads a photo they have the choice to add text and make their own, personalized internet meme. One can only assume this is created to draw bloggers and meme fans away from Tumblr and sites of that nature. They’re incredibly simple to make with the new feature, allowing users to create them more frequently and without the added stress of using photo editing software.

Now I’m not saying that they will gain all sorts of users from this feature alone, but the fact that Google+ even has it, gives a first-time user a reason to stay active while simultaneously providing them something to tell their friends.  If Google can keep rolling out these attractive features, I can see them finally being something that people enjoy using.

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Is that a crater?! Oh, never mind, that’s just the KFC Logo

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

One of the biggest issues marketers come across is maintaining awareness of their brand in the public sphere. If you have a great product, but no one sees it, then you really just have an idea. The normal way for maintaining a brand’s awareness is through promotions and advertisements featured in social media, magazines, billboards and otherwise. But apparently that is getting a little too obvious. Now brands are taking their logos and artwork on putting them on a more global spectrum……literally. Take a look at how some brands have made their advertisements and artwork so large, that you can see them in space:

A Tasty Alternative to Business Card Design

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

One of my duties as the intern for JB Chicago is to file away all of the business cards we receive into our contacts. While completing this task it got me thinking more and more about business cards and how they can depict your business. These wallet-sized cards are a very important aspect to any type of brand or business. They give all your contact information and are a great tool to use to maintain contact with potential clients you meet while networking. Having a business card on hand with you could make the difference between landing and losing a deal that could come out of nowhere. An aspect that is extremely crucial to any business card is the design. The format of your card and the images that are on it should convey your brand’s identity and show potential clients the type of business that they may be getting involved with. These following cards however, take that to the next level. They boast a very unusual characteristic…the fact that they’re edible. So if you think you’ve run out of options in terms of your business card design, maybe you want to go with something a little tastier. Just make sure they get your information before they eat the card….

For more examples and information on edible business card take a look at this website:

If we’re being honest….

Friday, August 26th, 2011

The logos of a brand or product are supposed to define its personality with one quick glance. They are designed to strike something with the consumer internally that will describe what type of product they are dealing with. For the most part, the logos for major brands are recognizable and go without saying, but what do they really mean?  These revamped logos of major brands take a swing at what people really see when they look at these particular logos:

Alright...kinda sad

These logos and more were found on this website:

That’s vintage for ya

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Vintage things are one of the best things about life. Actually, apart from love, cake, good photography and cheesy romantic comedies, I can’t think of anything more wonderful than vintage pieces and art. The appeal is the thrill of looking at how the world was before you, depending on what your favorite time period is (I myself am partial to the 1920s). Looking at items from that period is like looking through a time machine, and c’mon—who wouldn’t want to look through a time machine?

Apparently graphic designer and blogger Megan Cummins felt the same way as me, and decided to create Vintage Me Oh My, a blog devoted to all things vintage, all the time. She uses vintage art, ads, photos and typography as inspiration, and she shares all that she has with the general public. (All photos from the Vintage Me Oh My blog.)

A vintage 1920s ad.

An example of vintage-inspiration in signs today.

Brookfield Zoo posters, back in the day (1930s, to be exact).

For all you true vintage-heads out there, check out Etsy’s vintage page, Silver Moon vintage shop in Chicago and and some of the vintage photos from The Sartorialist blog (like, for example, this one). And if you have something cool and vintage to share, Cummins encourages all fans to spread the wealth and email her.

Seriously? How can you not like vintage eras? They give us great gems like these.

And sometimes, we need to capture ourselves

Monday, July 18th, 2011

I don’t know if it’s evident by now, given the amount of recent blog posts I’ve written on this subject, but I am a sucker for photographers. Designers and typographers make me happy, and illustrations get me inspired, but when I see a really, well-shot photo, I get a million tiny little goose bumps, similar to when you see someone you love or when you eat Portillo’s chocolate cake.

Sara Norris’ photography gives me that exact feeling. A 2005 graduate from the Brooks Institute of Photography, Norris captures all subjects with a whimsical, double-take feel, be it carnivals, families or the city. Her combination of capturing things at their most vulnerable and beautiful, and her simple-yet-familiar touch with Photoshop makes her work easy on the eyes.

Photos courtesy of

Her own personal blog is good too, especially with her 365 Day Project she started, where she takes a picture of herself everyday that tells a story about her day. Usually I’m not a big fan of girls taking random pictures of themselves (unless, of course, it’s me), but Norris raises it to an art form, delivering thoughtful, and at times breath-taking, photos.

Photos courtesy of

She’s taken self-portraits to more than just something you do when you’re bored or looking for attention, and moved it to a tool for self-inspection and life-backtracking. Which sounds like something they totally tell you in therapy, which is fitting: good photographer can be good therapy.

What’s Bloggin’ Got to do with it? (got to do with it…)

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Well we’re on to about our 30th post and we figured we might as well take a step back and ask ourselves why exactly we decided to take part in this whole blogging phenomenon. Does blogging really do designers any good? You might be asking yourself this same question… so let’s investigate. We realize that the design world has changed quite a bit over the years. We all get our inspiration for design somewhere: books, artists, friends, pictures, magazines, teachers, etc., but now more than ever inspiration can be found right at our fingertips via the web. Design blogs have become much more popular with new bloggers popping up each day lending out extra tips, tutorials, inspiration, and experience. 

Design blogs have many different benefits. Here are just a few we have found:
• They allow us to gain exposure where maybe we wouldn’t have had the chance to before. 
• They keep our brains and creative minds churning at all times coming up with new posts and ideas to blog about.
• Blogging can be a challenge. Just like any other project that comes our way, we must be proud of what we put forth.
• Design is all about communication; visually communicating with your viewers. With blogging, we are able to embellish on those communication skills and learn new techniques.
• Creativeness. Of course as designers, we love to be creative and push things to the extreme and blogging allows us to do just that. We are our own clients! What we say goes!

Each of us decided to highlight one of our favorite blogs that we enjoy visiting from time to time to keep up with our fellow bloggers in the design industry. Enjoy!

First up is Jim’s:

Sometimes designers need to look back in order to move forward. One of my favorite blogs is Grain Edit. They are focused on classic design work from the 1950s-1970s and contemporary designers that draw inspiration from that time period. Site content includes interviews, articles, designers’ libraries as well as examples of rare design annuals, type specimens, Ephemera, posters and vintage kids books.

Visit the blog:

Next is Christina’s:

Web Designer Wall, a wall of design ideas, web trends, and tutorials, is designed and maintained by Nick La, who also runs N.Design Studio and Best Web Gallery. He’s been designing for several years and his work has been published on numbers of magazines. He loves to share ideas and design techniques. Web Designer Wall serves as his public blog where he posts design ideas, tutorials, and talk about modern web design trends. I like that his site is kind of a one-stop-shop; I can search through how-to tutorials, new inspiring trends and read up on some design news. Not to mention his blog is well designed. Thumbs up to Web Designer Wall!

Visit the blog:

Last is Megan’s:
One of my favorite blogs to visit for inspiration is Bad Ass Ideas. The author, Samantha Warren, communicates well with her audience, while also giving it that extra edge that I love. She adds a personal touch to her blog, while also providing great resources for the beginner designer and the advanced designer. While her focus is on web design, she offers great inspiration for all designers. She calls herself a “people person,” and in my book is one of my “people.” Great job Samantha!

Visit the blog: