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A plate is never just a plate

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Whether they want to admit it or not, everyone had a little bit of fascination with the royal wedding. I personally did not get up at five to watch the celebration because, well, sleep trumps Kate Middleton, always. Afterward, however, I poured through pictures and magazine clippings of wedding dresses, ridiculous hats and cost prices for so long, I felt like I should get a Bachelor’s in High Society England Affairs.

Even if you rolled your eyes at the whole spectacle and wore “Go America!” shirts on the 29th of April, your life was probably affected by the wedding, even if it was just your growing annoyance of everyone turning “Middleton” into a household name. And, unless your eyes have been shut closed for the past six months, you’ve also seen all the wedding merchandise. Especially the plates. I understand that the royals are special, but it was all I could do from wanting to throw the dish on the ground (or buying one. I don’t know; I was torn a lot).

Freelance illustrator Owen Davey apparently felt the same thing, and decided to create plates that commemorated the “not-so-special moments of the general public,” according to his blog, “The Things I Do.” After he was done, he had created 33 separate plates that told the stories of 33 separate people living ordinary lives in the great country of Britain.

Courtesy of Owen Davey’s blog.

He didn’t just create stories in his head, however: Davey set up a Twitter account, and asked people to commemorate their lives in a tweet. By asking the commoners about their day, Davey got everything from “went for a bike ride in the sun,” to “I talk to my cats too much but they never answer back.”

Courtesy of Owen Davey’s blog.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why the general public is amazing.

JB Chicago: Milkin’ Halloween For All It’s Worth!

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

In our last post we talked about Microsites and how they have played a crucial role in today’s marketing environment. Our company, JB Chicago, is a forerunner in the online realm and has made its mark in the Twittersphere. We have successfully created a niche in this ever-growing medium as the go-to company for launching successful online strategies. Our research shows that centering such launches on holidays is highly effective. Our latest project that we just launched was a Viral Marketing Halloween Campaign for “milk boxes” (learn more about the product at The campaign we created is fun, silly and for a good cause – every time you play we donate to World Wildlife Fund. Sound good? We’re just getting started! 

The goal of this campaign is to show chocolate milk as a great alternative to candy, whether you’re giving it to kids during the holidays or simply as an after-school snack. By utilizing viral and social networking components we can achieve this in a fun, engaging way that allows the message to spread among moms. Hershey’s and Organic Valley want to spread the word about milk in single serve, shelf stable cartons. To do so, we have created applications for them on Facebook, Twitter and the Web. On the social networking sites, you can choose whether your friends deserve to be treated or tricked – all the while supporting World Wildlife Fund. And on the Web, you can upload headshots of yourself and your friends, only to have them appear atop the dancing bodies of monsters, ready to trick or treat at your friends’ doors. These applications are easy to do and easy to become addicted to! It’s easy to get swept up in the Halloween spirit. So take part in this all-around great campaign and share it with your friends. Remember: while you’re sharing a laugh with your friends, you are also helping protect the future of nature with the World Wildlife Fund.

Look below to see how the JB Chicago designers stepped up to the plate to make sure this campaign didn’t “scare” people away! From designing the twitter profiles and pages, the facebook application and fan pages, the twitter microburst, the blogs, and the flash piece we took Trick or Treating to a whole new level. Help us spread the word and make this Halloween a friendly one for both the kids and environment!

Twitter Microburst: Tweet out Tricks or Treats with this fun application and find out who is the “Scariest Twitterer” of your friends. Receive access to coupons for the products and a link to our blog.

Facebook Application: Send and receive Tricks or Treats to/from your friends and publish them to your wall, while also showing people the benefit of handing out chocolate milk instead of candy this spooky season!

Facebook Fan Page: Become a fan of the Trick or Treat page on Facebook and help spread the word about the application by posting photos, chatting in discussions, and posting your own thoughts!

Flash Piece: Have fun with your friends and create personalized Trick or Treats for your friends using uploaded photos.  

Blog: Read up and comment on the latest news from Tetra Pak and receive coupons for the products.