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October: The Best of the Breast!

Thursday, October 8th, 2009
So we’re 8 days into October and two things come to mind: Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness. Our last blog post was dedicated to our Halloween campaign so we wanted to showcase Breast Cancer Awareness this week. It seems as though everywhere we look things are “going pink” for Breast Cancer Awareness month. From websites to advertisements, television, clothing, buildings and the NFL… Breast Cancer Awareness has made its mark.  We think it’s a wonderful campaign that has greatly evolved over time and allowed designers to put their talent to work for a good cause. We are now seeing social networking and the online world taking a big part in spreading the word to large masses (check out the pink for october campaign for example). Because these campaigns have used various medians to broadcast awareness, designers might find it difficult to “stand out” amongst the competition. Some of you may be thinking competition? Who is in competition when we are all fighting for the same cause? As designers we still want to create a piece that really jumps out at our viewer and grabs their attention right from the start. The goal of all campaigns is to raise awareness, but who can do it the best? We have researched some Breast Cancer campaigns/advertisements that we found to be very well thought out and executed. Take a look below and let us know if you have found others! 

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