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Is that a crater?! Oh, never mind, that’s just the KFC Logo

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

One of the biggest issues marketers come across is maintaining awareness of their brand in the public sphere. If you have a great product, but no one sees it, then you really just have an idea. The normal way for maintaining a brand’s awareness is through promotions and advertisements featured in social media, magazines, billboards and otherwise. But apparently that is getting a little too obvious. Now brands are taking their logos and artwork on putting them on a more global spectrum……literally. Take a look at how some brands have made their advertisements and artwork so large, that you can see them in space:

A Tasty Alternative to Business Card Design

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

One of my duties as the intern for JB Chicago is to file away all of the business cards we receive into our contacts. While completing this task it got me thinking more and more about business cards and how they can depict your business. These wallet-sized cards are a very important aspect to any type of brand or business. They give all your contact information and are a great tool to use to maintain contact with potential clients you meet while networking. Having a business card on hand with you could make the difference between landing and losing a deal that could come out of nowhere. An aspect that is extremely crucial to any business card is the design. The format of your card and the images that are on it should convey your brand’s identity and show potential clients the type of business that they may be getting involved with. These following cards however, take that to the next level. They boast a very unusual characteristic…the fact that they’re edible. So if you think you’ve run out of options in terms of your business card design, maybe you want to go with something a little tastier. Just make sure they get your information before they eat the card….

For more examples and information on edible business card take a look at this website:

The states just got better

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Wouldn’t it be cool to design a poster describing what each of the 50 states mean to you? New York would be “the state that I would love to live in if it didn’t amount to the cost of a small child.” Florida would be “Mickey-Mouse-and-old-people land.” Maine would simply be “mmm…lobster.” And Illinois? Well… I think I would portray Illinois correctly.

I call it like I see it, people.

That’s kind of the concept of the Fifty and Fifty art print project. Created by design company Society6 (and more specifically, started by designer Dan Cassaro), a different artist was assigned to a different state. They took the motto of the state they were working on, and then created a design around it. (Each of the art prints are on ultra-smooth, 100% cotton rags. Also, each picture below is courtesy of


New Jersey

These designs are made to look classical and aged, and are intriguing as well. It would be interesting to get into the mind of the designer, and see what made them think of their state like that. For example, Illinois is “State Sovereign, National Union” (our state motto)…with hotdog wieners for the I’s.

Why? Are wieners the state food? I think I’ve eaten a total of five hotdogs in Illinois before. Maybe.

Despite the lack of artists’ comments, though, the project is funky, a great, handy way to memorize each state’s saying and another set of designs that I wish were put on T-shirts.

Maryland’s motto, my new mantra.

We want you…

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Here in the JB Chicago world, we are looking for a new Graphic Designer. If you don’t know what that is, you probably shouldn’t apply. But if you’re a graphic designer, and think you have the right stuff, then brush up your resume, polish up your portfolio and apply to

Have doubts? Well, here are just a couple of reasons why you should apply…

                4. Chicago is a great city to work in. LaSalle is surrounded by a million and five places to eat. Plus, we’re next to a river. Isn’t that all anyone ever needs?

                3. You’d get to work with Creative Connor and Cranky Christina (just kidding… it’s more like Sassy Xtina). Seriously, they’re very talented, and would love to have you on their team.

                2. JB Chicago is a magical place. Everyone loves each other and works well with each other, the company is the right mix of professional, smart and funky and they don’t care if the interns can’t make coffee. It’s just a good group of nice, intelligent good-looking folks.

                1. You know you’re looking for a job. And you know this one will be fun…

So if you can use Paint and can spell decently well (this is a joke. I repeat, THIS IS JOKE. Please do not think you can just get away with only knowing how to use Paint, because you will get laughed at), check out I hope you apply, and good luck to all of you out there!

Because I know you all want to join the United Design Republic of Christina.

My poster brings all the kids to my room…

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011
Posters are the windows to our souls. Or at least, posters are the cool pieces of art we keep next to the windows on our walls that tell people about our souls. Or something like that. The point is, posters are pretty cool. However, it’s sometimes hard to find new posters that set you apart. There are times when you treasure your “Pulp Fiction” poster like it was your own baby; there are other times when you want to tear your eyes out when you realize you’re not the only one who loves Quentin Tarantino. When two of your friends have the same one, it means you have great taste. But when it’s five of them with the same one, that’s the wake-up call to get more swag for your walls.

This is where the 1200 Poster project comes in. Every month on the 12th, design company Big New Ideas releases a creatively designed poster to the public. They’re different, specialized posters made by different, young up-and-coming artists each time, so no two same concept and ideas are repeated.

Poster courtesy of 1200 Posters.

Each poster comes with a little theme for the month, such “Invite everyone who cares to work on what’s possible,” or “Expect to be surprised” (the one for the poster above, and my personal favorite), as each of the artists took time and poured thought  into each one. The prices for the posters range from $20-$25, which are a little pricey, but totally worth it when you consider that you’re getting original, skillfully done works of art for your buck. Did I mention they were one-of-a-kind? You’ll have the coolest walls on the block.

Do YOU have this 1200 Poster artwork, Brigette? No. I didn't think so.

Top 30 Reasons You Know You’re A Graphic Designer

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

We here at JB Chicago enjoy laughing over the crazy similarities that all of us designers share. We hope that as a designer, you have at one time or another, been involved in or agree with one of the following items from the list below. Some of these have been “borrowed” from other lists and others have been added from our own experiences. Please enjoy!

You Know You’re a Graphic Designer When:

1. You will ONLY work on a Mac

2. You show 3 designs and you know your least favorite will be chosen or a combo of the worst

3. You can tell the difference between Helvetica and Arial immediately

4.  You watch the Superbowl only for the commercials of course!

5. You color coordinate everything (food in refrigerator, cds, dvds, etc.)

6. Command + Z goes through your mind when you make a mistake in real life situations (note to self: you can’t undo breaking a light bulb)

7. You would rather eat moldy bread than use Papyrus

8. You are never satisfied with any project… something can always be changed to make it look better

9. You tell your boss to look at and you still have a job the next day (oops!)

10. Every time you are wrapping up leftovers you are haunted by the filter plastic wrap

11. You’ve learned your lesson and stopped using the word “final” in any file you have saved (JBWebsite_FINAL, JBWebsite_FINALV2, JBWebsite_FINALFINAL)

12. You’d rather organize your desktop than your sock drawer (very exciting!)

13. You bookmark resources more than you have fun nights out on the town

14. Every restaurant you go to you secretly critique the menu design

15. Someone hands you an invite or business card and you are more excited to see the design than the content

16. You say “why didn’t I think of that” when you see something that is an awesome design

17. You don’t care what the words say you just are concerned with how many words there are

18. You still enjoy buying toys and have one sitting on your desk now

19. You know powerpoint is and never will be cool! (ooh the curse of PPT!)

20. You use your pantone book instead of a paint chip for remodeling your bedroom

21. Most of the work in your portfolio is not the work that the client actually approved, but the design you liked best

22. You drink your coffee out of a pantone mug (courtesy of Jimbo)

23. Lock up doesn’t mean going to prison

24. NSFW (not safe for work) doesn’t apply at your work place

25. You can wear jeans everyday (hell… on some days… sweatpants can even fly!)

26. Your friends and family members on a regular basis want your services for free or extremely cheap

27. You request a vector logo and you get a pixelated 72dpi jpeg from the web (placed in a Word document of course!)

28. You share battle wound stories from Exact-o knives

29. You have been working for days on a project and it still looks like shit

30. You buy a bottle of wine purely on the design of the label only

Please share some of your own with us as well!

Blog Action Day: WWF Climate Change

Thursday, October 15th, 2009
Today, in honor of Blog Action Day for climate change, our post will be dedicated to how World Wildlife Fund is acting now for our future. “WWF is participating in Blog Action Day today (15 October 2009). This is an annual event that unites the world’s bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day on their own blogs with the aim of sparking discussion around an issue of global importance. This year’s topic is conveniently climate change. Blog Action Day 2009 will be the largest-ever social change event on the web. One day. One issue. Thousands of voices.” 

Climate change has been a priority for WWF for over 20 years as climate disruption poses a fundamental threat to the vulnerable places, species and people WWF seeks to protect. To adequately slow climate change we urgently must reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. We are leveraging the power of WWF’s network of organizations around the world to build support for the new post-2012 global climate agreement at Copenhagen that is fair, effective and science-based.Read more here.

WWF has also used the power of design to fight climate change. Many of the campaigns that involve WWF contain strong graphics and messages that greatly affect their viewers. WWF has worked hard to promote their causes and grab the world’s attention and through the use of many creative minds, they have succeeded. We have found some very effective WWF campaigns and wanted to share them with you today. 

Remember that you can take action too! 
• Check your lights
• Check your thermostats
• Check your water faucets/showers 
• Turn off appliances you are not using

If you want to learn more about WWF and what they are doing please visit their website today. 

* Make this Halloween healthy for both the kids and the environment while also helping WWF! Learn more at this blog.

Read more about this campaign here.

October: The Best of the Breast!

Thursday, October 8th, 2009
So we’re 8 days into October and two things come to mind: Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness. Our last blog post was dedicated to our Halloween campaign so we wanted to showcase Breast Cancer Awareness this week. It seems as though everywhere we look things are “going pink” for Breast Cancer Awareness month. From websites to advertisements, television, clothing, buildings and the NFL… Breast Cancer Awareness has made its mark.  We think it’s a wonderful campaign that has greatly evolved over time and allowed designers to put their talent to work for a good cause. We are now seeing social networking and the online world taking a big part in spreading the word to large masses (check out the pink for october campaign for example). Because these campaigns have used various medians to broadcast awareness, designers might find it difficult to “stand out” amongst the competition. Some of you may be thinking competition? Who is in competition when we are all fighting for the same cause? As designers we still want to create a piece that really jumps out at our viewer and grabs their attention right from the start. The goal of all campaigns is to raise awareness, but who can do it the best? We have researched some Breast Cancer campaigns/advertisements that we found to be very well thought out and executed. Take a look below and let us know if you have found others! 

And because we have to give some Chitown love! 

JB Chicago: Milkin’ Halloween For All It’s Worth!

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

In our last post we talked about Microsites and how they have played a crucial role in today’s marketing environment. Our company, JB Chicago, is a forerunner in the online realm and has made its mark in the Twittersphere. We have successfully created a niche in this ever-growing medium as the go-to company for launching successful online strategies. Our research shows that centering such launches on holidays is highly effective. Our latest project that we just launched was a Viral Marketing Halloween Campaign for “milk boxes” (learn more about the product at The campaign we created is fun, silly and for a good cause – every time you play we donate to World Wildlife Fund. Sound good? We’re just getting started! 

The goal of this campaign is to show chocolate milk as a great alternative to candy, whether you’re giving it to kids during the holidays or simply as an after-school snack. By utilizing viral and social networking components we can achieve this in a fun, engaging way that allows the message to spread among moms. Hershey’s and Organic Valley want to spread the word about milk in single serve, shelf stable cartons. To do so, we have created applications for them on Facebook, Twitter and the Web. On the social networking sites, you can choose whether your friends deserve to be treated or tricked – all the while supporting World Wildlife Fund. And on the Web, you can upload headshots of yourself and your friends, only to have them appear atop the dancing bodies of monsters, ready to trick or treat at your friends’ doors. These applications are easy to do and easy to become addicted to! It’s easy to get swept up in the Halloween spirit. So take part in this all-around great campaign and share it with your friends. Remember: while you’re sharing a laugh with your friends, you are also helping protect the future of nature with the World Wildlife Fund.

Look below to see how the JB Chicago designers stepped up to the plate to make sure this campaign didn’t “scare” people away! From designing the twitter profiles and pages, the facebook application and fan pages, the twitter microburst, the blogs, and the flash piece we took Trick or Treating to a whole new level. Help us spread the word and make this Halloween a friendly one for both the kids and environment!

Twitter Microburst: Tweet out Tricks or Treats with this fun application and find out who is the “Scariest Twitterer” of your friends. Receive access to coupons for the products and a link to our blog.

Facebook Application: Send and receive Tricks or Treats to/from your friends and publish them to your wall, while also showing people the benefit of handing out chocolate milk instead of candy this spooky season!

Facebook Fan Page: Become a fan of the Trick or Treat page on Facebook and help spread the word about the application by posting photos, chatting in discussions, and posting your own thoughts!

Flash Piece: Have fun with your friends and create personalized Trick or Treats for your friends using uploaded photos.  

Blog: Read up and comment on the latest news from Tetra Pak and receive coupons for the products. 

Mad for Micro-sites

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Brands are seeing some serious traffic online recently by creating micro-sites. They are hooking unique visitors with contests, coupons and content that can be spread easily through social networking and email.

Here are a couple examples of micro-sites in the food industry:, Taco Bell’s,, Hellmann’s Notice how these sites entice visitors with fun graphics and special offers.

The last example for AXE was made by our team here at JB Chicago. Visitors were encouraged to create their own twist on “Kiss Me I’m Irish” and tweet on to their friends.