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Sewing isn’t just for grandmothers…

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

In the past, whenever I thought “embroidery,” I thought of little old ladies with nothing better to do than to crochet blankets while talking about their grandkids. Maybe this is why when my mom suggests I should take up knitting or sewing, I make a face like someone suggested eating my big left toe.

Not exactly the right situation at the time, but the face is basically the same.

But now, thanks to Daniel Kornrumpf, I have a whole new concept of embroidery. The artist spends his time creating realistic portraits…all through the medium of embroidery.

Picture courtesy of the designworklife blog.

I’m not really sure where he gets the patience to stitch all the detail and color into his subjects, but however he does it, it really pays off. From a far, you can’t even tell these are stitched; the art looks effortless painted with a unique line pattern. It makes me wonder just how many more artists are out their embroidering realistic-looking portraits, and just how much you can stretch the limits of traditional embroidery.

Daniel also does other projects, such as work with colored pencil on Mylar and paintings with and oil on canvas. You can check them out, and his whole portfolio here.