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Designer For Less

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

“Design is a personal expression rooted in conceptual and innovative ideas.” – Rodarte founders Kate and Laura Mulleavy

From this line comes the design philosophy of Kate and Laura Mulleavy, more formally known as the founders of fashion house Rodarte.  This holiday season, the two sisters have teamed up with an unlikely brand: none other than Starbucks. Though Rodarte’s designs typically involve innovative, conceptual ideas geared toward a female audience, the Mulleavys have come together to create a pixelated checkerboard using white, grey, and silver against a backdrop of green that is marketed towards both genders. Just in time for the holiday season, the collection — which includes a tumbler, tote bag, reusable cup sleeve, and Starbucks card — is now available.

Starbucks is not the only brand milking designer collaborations. Target is infamous for teaming up with fashion brands to deliver discounted designer creations. This go-to superstore has previously released both Rodarte for Target line and Jason Wu for Target lines, as well as the chaotic launch of Missoni for Target. Designer-thirsty shoppers lusting after these products are infamously known to wait in line for hours, ready to snag the items at the top of their list. Target’s most recent launch, Neiman Marcus for Target, features 24 CFDA designers such as Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Alice and Olivia, and Proenza Schouler. These items range from home goods to ready-to-wear.

Will you be picking up anything from the new Starbucks or Target collections?

Responsive Web Design

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

There’s been a lot of buzz around the term “responsive web design” among the designers at JB Chicago. The idea behind the concept is that a design has the capability to respond to a user’s behavior and environment in accordance to screen size, platform and orientation. A website using responsive web design should have the ability to adapt by accommodating multiple devices from laptop, to iPad to mobile.  Finally: new technology that lets a page look great on every device!

Here are a few of our favorite responsive website designs:

Fork, a CMS platform, has executed the use of responsive website design flawlessly. Notice how as the viewport gets smaller, the number of icons is reduced with page size, but the option to view “more extensions” is still available.

The Boston Globe has successfully created a design that transfers a busy newspaper layout seamlessly across varying screen sizes.

Do you want another example? Check out CSS – Trick’s page and try changing the window size. And if you want to see for yourself how responsive your website is, ResponsivePx’s page will test out the dimensions.

Cool stuff, folks.


Pantone Spring 2013 Color Palette

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Since we’ve already confessed our devotion to Pantone, it should come as no surprise that we’re incredibly excited to see the latest fashion color report for spring 2013! The global authority on color has prepared a palette that will booth soothe and energize us through a wide variety of shades. Who says you need to be a fashionista to enjoy spring’s color trends? Artists, designers and marketers, alike, can enjoy this palette in numerous different ways!

After extensive research on the color trends in the spring 2013 fashion shows, Monaco Blue has been chosen as THE color of the next year. That’s right, color forecasting is a real job, and you’re not alone in feeling envious of the lucky folks that work for Pantone. So, why Monaco blue? Pantone’s executive director Leatrice Eisemen said, “It speaks to the practicality that we are seeing in society.” We couldn’t agree more.

If you’re not loving Monaco Blue (Pantone 19-3964), chances are that there is a color in this palette that will certainly catch your attention. From soft to vibrant, these colors perfectly embody all of the shades spring has to offer. Here at JB, we love Grayed Jade and Poppy Red.

The following are some unique ways to implement Pantone’s spring 2013 colors into your designs for the season to come:

  • Brochures
  • Invitations
  • Flyers
  • Inspiration for new brand identity

Here’s the big question: What’s your favorite spring 2013 Pantone color, and how do you plan to use it in your designs?

Let Fashion Week Inspire Your Designs

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has officially kicked off in the Big Apple, and we couldn’t be any more excited! In addition to luxurious presentations of the most coveted fashion collections, this week offers artistic inspiration of all shapes and sizes. From creative runway shows to uniquely-designed invitations, fashion week is the perfect place to gain out-of-the-ordinary inspiration for your next design endeavor. Here are some of the coolest fashion week invitations from designers over the past years:

Antonio Lopez


Diane von Furstenberg

Jeremy Scott


3.1 Phillip Lim

Jenny Packham

Lauren Moffatt


Maison Martin Margiela

Make sure to follow the fashion week excitement on!


Inspiring Business Cards

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

How do you make yourself memorable when it comes to clients and employers? Creating unique business cards is a simple way to keep you ahead of the competition! We all get a little stumped every now and again when it comes showcasing our awesomeness on a tiny card. Never fear, we’re here to showcase some creative business cards that have left us inspired — and a little jealous!

Think Beyond The Card


Get Crafty

Play With It

Give Them A Reason To Use It

Get Real

Make Their Mouths Water

Highlight Your Skills

Show Your Results

Help Them Find You

Are you inspired yet? We can only hope. Now, tell us which is your favorite and why!

Passion for PANTONE®

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Like any agency with a creative department, we’re pretty obsessed with PANTONE®. Why wouldn’t we be? They’re the world-renowned authority on color and the standard language of color communication for designers, manufacturers, retailers and customers everywhere!
Here’s a list of ways to show your true appreciation for the goodness that is PANTONE®. And yes, we want it ALL:

Folding Chairs
Portable PANTONE® seats mean you can bring color wherever you go!

Super Creative Edibles
We have to thank Pinterest for this fantastic find! We love this fun edible take on our favorite PANTONE® colors.

Storage Containers
Now you can stay colorful and organized!


The PANTONE® high-top is sure to please!

The holidays just got a little more colorful!

Nail Polish
PANTONE® is the perfect addition to any nail color palette.

This might be PANTONE®’s coolest product yet!

Decorated Nails
These PANTONE® nail tips have us in awe.

Which PANTONE® product do you NEED?

Ads That Entertain

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Ah, vintage advertisements. There’s nothing quite like them. They tend to leave us longing for a time where things were just a little bit simpler. Today we experience the clutter of digital advertising on a daily basis. Let’s take a step back in time with these ads:

Joy De Jean Patou


Career Club


h.i.s. Jeans and Western Shirts

Lustre Cream

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Volkswagen Station Wagon

What is your favorite vintage advertisement?

All advertisements were found on

‘Tis The Season To Tie The Knot

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

We’re in the heart of wedding season! This is a pretty important time of year for many lucky people. Even though your Facebook may be exploding with wedding albums right now, have you seen any invites? We thought we would take a moment to share some wedding invitations that amaze and inspire us.

The Sci-Fi Movie Wedding Invitation

A very geek-chic take on a wedding invitation and we wish we had been invited!

The Vintage-Inspired Typographical Invite

A wedding invite with nothing but beautiful typography? We’re sold!

The Detail-Savvy Invite

Gorgeous designs and perfect typography with a hint of vintage inspiration, what’s not to love?

Scratched-and-Save The Date

We’re loving the creativity behind this crafty hands-on save-the-date.

The Colorful Organic Wedding Invite

The beautiful gradient of colors makes these pressed invitations even more eye-catching! The see-through envelope is also a nice touch.

The Storybook Invitation

This couple chose a very tasteful way of telling their personal love story. The design and typography is exceptional.

The Crafty Wedding Invite

There’s nothing quite like showing rather than telling. This is such a fun play on words!

What’s the best wedding invite you’ve ever seen?

Worthy Design Roundup From Pinterest

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

We’re Pinterest-obsessed! It’s about time we share some of our favorite design finds from our overflowing “Worthy Design” pin board. If you love these creative finds, feel free to follow our pin boards today!

The Hands-On Wedding Invitation

It’s pretty safe to say that handcrafted invitations involving laser cutting, stamping and sewing are not the norm.  That is why we love the heart and soul that went into this invitation design!

Christine and Ian's Wedding

The Smart and Simplistic Coffee Packaging

This simplistic design on Espresso Republic’s Black Goat Coffee packages is certain to please. We love the way the organization the typography plays to the design. It gets straight to the point.

Black Goat Coffee

The Cleverly Packaged Menu Item

The use of whimsical handwriting and colors might not be the best decision for every brand, but Flour Pot Bakery certainly nailed it. Not only is their packaging tastefully adorable, it also features their menu!

Stylish and Sleek Bow Ties

Simple, sleek packaging is changing the way consumers buy products. When you know you have the perfect product, why not use sleek and simple branding to convey the message?

Typographically Inspired Playing Cards

If your normal playing card deck has left you uninspired with its dull design, Helveticards might be the answer you’ve been looking for. We’re dying for a pack!

Feeling inspired? Tell us which design is your favorite!


Friday, July 6th, 2012

Etsy Homepage

Whether you’re an avid e-commerce buyer or seller, most would agree that finding the right marketplace for your niche is key.  The leading niche e-commerce marketplace happens to be a fantastic website known as Etsy. Surely you are already aware of Etsy and, like us, have lost yourself for an hour while scrolling through pages of good finds. But if not, it’s time to check it out!

They call themselves “the world’s brightest vibrant handmade marketplace”, and we’re not going to disagree with them. Etsy is a treasure trove of interesting DIY creations and vintage finds with 15 million users in more than 150 countries. Needless to say, their business growth is closely matched with another infamous e-commerce site, eBay.

Online shopping is a weakness we don’t want to admit that we frequently give in to, but as an artist, crafter, thrifter, sewer, photographer or creator, Etsy has become an incredible platform to become more accessible to a new audience. Created in 2005, Etsy’s mission is to empower people to change the way the global economy works. This means that very small businesses can reach a very big audience. Everyone loves an underdog story and it’s absolutely inspiring to learn that hobby crafters can make more than $25,000 doing something they love on this website.

Here at JB, we love Etsy because it’s easy. We also love supporting small businesses, independent designers and artists. It’s a pretty great feeling to know that you’re purchasing a unique or one-of-a-kind item! Personalized and commissioned pieces are also an important part of the Etsy community and certainly are impressive. Not to mention, the price seems to always be right and most items are very affordable. We can’t forget that Etsy is the perfect place to purchase gifts and get some creative inspirations!

If you think you know all there is about Etsy just because you’ve shopped there, you’re wrong! Thanks to MBA Online , we now have a fantastic infographic to better explain Etsy’s success!

Etsy MBA